“You did an amazing job of coordinating everything on stage and you really made a big contribution to the professionalism of the event. We have had such an amazing feedback about the content, organisation, messages and creative, atmosphere, etc. I think maybe we’ve set a new standard!”

– Jackie McKenzie, ESSILOR Europe

“Paul has always understood the different missions we gave him, about presenting and animating from large events to interviews. He adapted his style to our wish, being able to be either a bit funny or very neutral, always able as well to improvise when appropriate. I trust him very much.”

– Richard Thommeret, Corporate Strategic Marketing Director Energy & Construction at Solvay

“Paul is a very clever and charismatic facilitator. I appreciated him a lot during the last digital world summit in Paris where he did a great performance that contributed to the success of this event.”

– Pascal Buffard, President at AXA Technology Services

“The success of a convention depends upon a certain alchemy. Without a doubt, Paul holds the keys to some of its deepest mysteries.”

– Gilles Altmeyerhenzien, Communications Manager at REXEL

“I know a lot of facilitators but Paul is exceptional. 3 words that make the difference: Energy, Precision and Positivity.”

– Olivier Bas, Senior Partner at Havas Event

“Paul Barrett was excellent. So good you would have thought he was a Capgemini guy”

– Paul Hermelin, CEO, CAPGEMINI

“Paul Barrett wasn’t just the facilitator of the event. He was the catalyser!”

– Pierre Pringuet, CEO Pernod Ricard

“We worked with Paul Barrett numerous times to facilitate conferences and coach the speakers. He is a great professional! Our collaboration with him took place with full confidence, respect and cheerfulness. I strongly recommend him!”

– Manuel Solé, Director at SAGARMATHA Paris


“Paul is highly sklilled professional, His work as coach and event organizer/animator was very apreciated.”

– Czernielewski Janusz, VP Medical Affaires at Galderma International

“Paul, the presentation went very well – beyond expectations. You should take the most of the credit for it. You are a great coach.”

– Jean-Yves Fillion, COO at BNP Paribas Fortis

“Your input just totally sharpened my presentation, just 3 sentences in a couple of smart places totally changed the impact, THANKS!!!”

– Thies Posken, Général Manager at L’Oréal Professionel

“Merci de ton aide toujours precieuse.”

– Patrice Coissac, President ALEXION

Some facts about Paul

CAC 40 Client companies
Events Facilitated
Coached Professionals
Client Satisfaction


5 keys to transformation


You can live several days without water, several weeks without food, but go without oxygen for just a few minutes and you will die! Oxygen is the most important fuel for our survival as human beings. It’s a vital component of all our circulatory systems and recent research suggests that a cellular environment which is oxygen-rich is essential for our health. Most illnesses including cancers ONLY propagate in oxygen-poor environments. And if we need more reasons to start being interested in how much oxygen is getting to our minds and bodies, breath is also the primacy source of “Prana”, of life energy.

So if you want health, high levels of energy, emotional and mental focus then learn how to BREATHE.


All of my professional life as an actor, as a presenter and as a coach, I’ve been fascinated by presence. What helps us to become present? What stops us? How come some people can do it and others can’t?

You will find a lot of answers in a book called “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown. By the way, Judith Kravitz the founder of TB, wrote the preface.

The 20 euros you will spend to buy this book will be the best investment in yourself that you’ve ever made because you will simultaneously increase your capacity to be present and your capacity to breath more fully.

The book provides you with a self-facilitating process that lasts 10 weeks. It’s challenging and it’s not always easy but you will see real shifts and authentic movement in your life.


Connecting to your purpose or your life’s meaning, finding what connects you to the rest of our fellow human beings can often seem a daunting task. What complicates matters somewhat is that it seems to be both an internal process and one that is affected by “stimuli” coming from our environment. On the one hand it’s finding out where our passions and competencies lie and on the other it’s listening to what the market is telling us or what people come to us for.

This is my first film as a director for the UN website the worldwewant2015! It’s about the scandal of how wastewater is not high enough on political agendas! 80% of wastewater in the world is never treated! It just goes directly into the environment! Insanity, right?


The principle of empowerment makes so much sense to me. As the saying goes, teaching people how to fish rather than giving them food is very different: it gives them dignity, independence, a sense of direction– starting them off on a whole new road of possibility.

“Last Supper for Malthus” is a film directed by a dear friend Klaus Pas about some of the factors behind food scarcity in our world. I play David Ricardo the 19th century economist who countered Thomas Malthus and his talk of death and doom by pointing out that if every country did what they do best with their own talents and natural resources AND there was free trade THEN we would all have enough to eat. Human creativity knows no limits when it’s used within the confines of an individual’s or a country’s talents!


Which brings me to a favorite theme – abundance.

Let me ask you a question: is life abundant or is it scarce? This is a little like Einstein’s famous question which he framed as being the most important question that Man can ask himself – “Is the Universe friendly?”

Please note it’s a question not a statement!

So, is it scarce or abundant? Well, the answer is of course both. It depends on YOU, your situation, it depends on your mindset.


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